MOSE is the Molecular Simulation Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DEA) of the University of Trieste. The vision of MOSE is to solve industrial problems with the multiscale molecular simulation approach. The mission of MOSE is to develop computer-based molecular simulation techniques and recipes in different sectors: (i) material sciences, (ii) life sciences, and (iii) process simulation. In (i), MOSE is particularly active in the field of computer simulation of nano-structured polymer systems with specific reference to polymer nanocomposites.  MOSE know-how, expertise and experience relevant to this project are: development of force fields and their validation; atomistic simulation studies of bulk nano-composite systems and of nanofiller/polymer matrix interface phenomena; linking atomistic and mesoscale models and mesoscale models to finite element models; mesoscale simulations of polymer-based nanocomposites; development of multiscale simulation protocols for nanostructured materials.

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Professor Sabrina Pricl 


sabrina pricl

The main research activities of Sabrina Pricl are focused on the study, correlation and prediction of the structure/property relationships for complex molecular systems such as dendrimers, proteins and drug carriers. With an h-index of 35 (Scopus, May 2016), she is the author of more than 400 scientific publications on international journals and conference proceedings in the field of multiscale molecular modeling of complex systems. 

Professor Maurizio Fermeglia

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The main research activities of Maurizio Fermeglia are focused on experimental determination, correlation and modelling of thermodynamic properties with particular attention to properties of complex nanostructured materials such as nanocomposites, dendrimers, drug carriers. With an h-index of 32 (Scopus, May 2016), he is the author of about 200 scientific publications on international peer reviewed journals in the field thermodynamics and multiscale molecular modeling of complex systems.

Dr Erik Laurini