The Department of Mechanics is active in teaching and research of concrete and composite materials, as well as numerical methods in mechanics. This development ranges from micro-scale material models to macro scale models involving complex multi-physics phenomena at different scales. The experimental facilities complement the numerical simulations and provide valuable validation and verification data. The department is actively developing and maintaining several open-source simulation tools that have been accepted by research community worldwide.

Bořek Patzák 

Main research activities: multi-physics modelling in mechanics, particularly adaptive techniques, constitutive modelling of quasibrittle materials, high-performance computing and software development.  Original author of an open source finite element simulation code OOFEM (www.oofem.org) and multi-physics integration platform MuPIF (mech.fsv.cvut.cz/mupif).

 Vit Smilauer, Ph.D. 

Main research activities: micromechanical and multi-scale simulations, development of numerical simulation software.