The MUL2 team of POILTO will be involved in the project on performance evaluation. MUL2 has gained international recognition as one of the leading research group in the analysis of composite structures. Currently, some 15 researchers work in MUL2, one full professor, one associate professor, one assistant professor, three post-docs, and 9 Ph.D. students. The main scientific research activity focuses on the development of advanced structural models for composite and metallic structures, aircraft design, aeroelasticity, smart structures, multifield problems and space structures. The Multi-Scale Modelling Laboratory (SMaLL) of POLITO, which is involved in the present CSA proposal, has a consolidated experience in modelling materials by different models, including atomistic (by molecular dynamics simulations), mesoscopic (by Lattice Boltzmann simulations) and continuum models (by thermal-fluid dynamics simulations), including the impact of materials on engineering design of thermo-mechanical devices. Hence, the present project fits very well in POLITO’s current researching lines in the field. Key personnel involved: Prof. Erasmo Carrera and Prof. Pietro Asinari.


Erasmo Carrera: Main research activities: composite materials, finite elements, plates and shells, post-buckling and stability, smart structures, thermal stress, aeroelasticity, multibody dynamics, and the design and analysis of non-classical lifting systems. Carrera introduced the CUF (Carrera Unified Formulation) as a tool to build a new framework in which beam, plate, and shell theories can be developed for metallic and composite multilayered structures under mechanical, thermal, electrical, and magnetic loadings. He founded the MULtilayered Structures MULtifield Analysis (MUL2) research group of Politecnico di Torino. He has authored about 500 publications, including books and international journal papers, with h-index of 46 (Scopus). He is a Highly Cited Researcher by Thompson Reuters in engineering. 


Pietro Asinari is member of the operational management board of the European Materials Modelling Council - EMMC - (http://emmc.info) and operational team manager of the working group on discrete modelling of materials. He is member of the International Scientific Committee of the International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science (ICMMES) and member of the Editorial Board of the international journal Computation. He is the Principal Investigator of many projects on materials modeling (including THERMALSKIN, NANOBRIDGE and the on-going H2020 project MODCOMP). He has (co-) authored over 74 publications, of which 71 papers have been published in the past 10 years. Among the most recent papers, he has published 58 peer-reviewed articles in major international journals and has acquired 574 citations (excluding self-citations), yielding an h-index of 15. The publications include 1 NATURE Communications, 1 Advanced Functional Materials, 1 Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group). Research fields: Transport theory at different scales; Kinetic modeling; Classical Molecular Dynamics; Thermodynamics; Numerical modelling & HPC; Heat Transfer.