The proposed research project will be carried out within the Material Research & Technology  (MRT) department. In particular, the group "Deign and Durability of Composites" led by Dr Salim Belouettar is involved. This group is composed by 10 research scientists dedicated to constitutive modelling of composites taking into account local and non-local damage, plasticity and material failure, inverse problems, multi-scale modelling, composites and adaptive advanced structures, structural dynamics and instabilities, health monitoring, smart materials, functionally graded materials, optimisation and non-linear solution strategies, computational time reduction techniques, computational mechanics (FEM, Meshless methods, XFEM).  The DPS group focuses on data mining, machine learning and statistics for solving operational problems. It develops practical approaches for combining efficiently computer-based analysis and human input and addressing scalability, performance and reproducibility constraints.The DSP Group of the “e-Science” research and innovation unit  will contribute to the project by providing cutting edge technology and by providing expertise in advanced analytics, visualization and management of complex data.