e-Xstream engineering (part of MSC Software Belgium)  is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on the advanced micromechanical modelling of mutli-phase materials. e-Xstream develops Digimat material modelling platform for the nonlinear multi-scale modelling of composite materials and structures. The multi-scale material modelling is based on state-of-the-art homogenization methods like incremental mean-field homogenization (i.e. Digimat -MF) as well as detailed homogenization techniques using the finite element modelling of a representative volume element of the material microstructure (i.e. Digimat-FE). Digimat -MF, the Mean-Field homogenization module of Digimat for multi-phase linear and non-linear materials reinforced with non-spherical and non-aligned coated, is interfaced to major injection molding and structural analyses finite element software to perform nonlinear multiscale analyses. In this case, Digimat bridges the gap between process and end product simulation via the material microstructure.  Digimat-FE, the finite element based homogenization module of Digimat, allow a detailed representation of material microstructure and give access to detailed micro-level information such as strains, stresses, temperature, etc… e-Xstream engineering has an advanced expertise in multi-scale modelling of complex materials. 

Dr. Laurent ADAM: R&D Director at e-Xstream engineering (part of MSC Software Belgium). Ph.D. in Applied Sciences, University of Liège (Belgium), 2003.. Physicist Engineer (Computational solid mechanics), University of Liège (Belgium), 1998. Internal stays at McGill University, Montreal (Canada), 2004-2005. HEC Business School, Master in Management, University of Liège (Belgium), 2008. Dr Adam is the author of 15 publications in international per review journals and more than 100 orals and written communications. Co-author of 2 patents (patents pending).

Dr. Marc Duflot: Lead software development engineer at e-Xstream engineering. Ph. D. in Mechanical engineering, University of Liège, 2004. Mechanical engineering degree (solid mechanics), University of Liège, 1998. Author of 16 publications in international per review journals. Expert in computational mechanics: finite element method (FEM), extended finite element method (XFEM), boundary element method (BEM), meshfree methods. Expert in solid mechanics: fracture mechanics, non-linear behavior. Expert in C++: object-oriented programming, generic programming, parallel computing, design patterns.