Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

University of Trieste, Italy

Dow Chemical

INSA-Lyon, France

Technical University of Prague


Granta Design, UK


e-Xstream Engineering

Politecico di Torino, Italy


The COMPOSELECTOR partnership is made of complementary partners profile in order to limit the development risks by complementary expertise. It is safe to say that the development of BDSS system and related technology are true European industrial issues. The actions of the competitive added value composite manufacturing industry strive towards integration and globalisation; it seems not more than logical that research actions beneficial to this industry would follow the same path. The project ambitious to develop rational BDSS for polymer matrix composite materials and to advance knowledge in material models and process integration, model selection, data analytics, visualisation, multidisciplinary optimisation, uncertainty management and business process modelling, but has also the ambition to move beyond the isolated research attempts that have already been made in this field. To be successful, an interdisciplinary consortium is needed, involving materials technology, database and knowledge management, informatics and data analytics, advanced materials modelling for multiple scales (from nano to macro), process modelling, computational facilities, advanced numerical methods for reduction, model selection and uncertainty analysis and tools for multidisciplinary optimisation, structure modelling. For a number of these aspects, the project aims at multiple approaches, which creates an additional need for carrying out the effort at a multinational level. None of the partners could find all the necessary expertise and resources in their own country.

The COMPOSELECTOR consortium gathers all the required skills and expertise to meet the technological targets. The COMPOSELECTOR consortium members (academia and industries) are carrying out high impact research in computational materials science and material design and processing.  The project partners are renowned for their expertise and practical developments in the field of multiple discrete and continuum materials models (UniTS, INSA, LIST, POLITO) and multiphysics modelling of composites (POLITO, LIST, CTU) and model integration framework (CTU) while technology providers have a leading experience in material selection and decision support systems (GRANTA), materials modelling (e-Xstream, LIST), virtual manufacturing (ESI), multi-field simulation and multidisciplinary design optimisation and business decision support (ESTECO), data search technology, data analysis tools and visual analytics (ESTECO, LIST, GRANTA), material manufacturer (Dow) as well as end-user (AIRBUS). The composition of the COMPOSELECTOR consortium is an ideal blend of academic and industrial realities, belonging to six different European countries. As such, the project will ultimately deliver not only high-quality scientific knowledge in terms of modelling and simulation tools for composite material selection, but will also produce the first, versatile and powerful European software platform for decision-making in the design and production of PMCs developed in tight conjunction with the relevant, interested industrial players.