This deliverable aims at formally defining the BDSS business layer actors and their interactions. The application cases proposed by industrial partners are exploited as information sources for the identification of actors and requirements for the business layer. They are inputs of a requirement identification process consisting of four steps:

  1. Creation of a text description of the business workflow underlying the application case
  2. Creation of a BPMN draft representation of the business workflow
  3. Refinement of the BPMN representation
  4. Creation of UML formal diagrams for actors and their interactions

For each application case, the outputs of the requirement identification process are:

  •  List of actors and goals
  • Use-cases described in brief format
  • UML use case diagrams

The document is structured as follows. The Introduction section describes the devised requirement identification process. Each application case has a corresponding section reporting: the business process model, actors and goals, and use cases. A Conclusion section closes the document.

Presentation made by Dr Carlos Kavka from ESTECO during the kick off meeting.