The main idea of the workshop is to evaluate the translation concept and the role of the translator from the point of view of industry. Therefore, the participants are targeted to be industrial members that are either using or are interested to learn how to use modelling.  Among the topics discussed are:

  • Translation and Translators: what can industry expect from them?
  • Translation Show Cases
  • Materials Modelling Market Place: the future exchange place for modelling ideas/solutions/providers/translators
  • Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS): how can translation be of use?
  • How to enhance the level of maturity of modelling use in your company: role of the translators as internal or external experts?
  • Translation for SMEs

During the workshop, experts from academia and industry will share their experience in these topics followed by open discussions during a plenary and two parallel sessions. The industrial participants will benefit from exchanging experiences and ideas on the efficient implementation and/or acceleration of the industrial use of modelling as an important tool for business solutions, innovations and increased competitiveness in the market. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to further sharpen the industrial requirements for the role of the Translators,  the  benefits and the economic impact of the industry from the translation and the modelling processes.