The 2nd Steering Committee meeting of COMPOSELECTOR project took place in Bordeaux on 14 of June 2017 hosted by ESI-Group (Dr P. De LUCA and Dr S. Mueller).  The Project’s results for the previous six-month period and work plan for June 2017-December 2017 were presented and dicusssed during this meeting. All project partners have participated in the meeting and appreciated project achievements.


From left to right: L. Adam (Exstream), M. Fouinneteau (Airbus), D. Dykeman (Granta), P. Polinska (Goodyear), H. Koelman (Dow), S. Belouettar (LIST),  S. Mueller (ESI), P. De Luca (ESI), A. Daouadji (INSA-Lyon), A. Berto (Granta), M. Petrolo (Polito), E. Paulini (U. Trieste), Dominico (U. Trieste), B. Patzakl (U. Prague) and G.Giunta (LIST).

Meeting Agenda:

  • Project Status, Deliverables and Running Tasks
  • Project Management: Internal and External Communication
  • Presentation of the D6.1: Interim Report
  • Application cases: specifications and requirements
    • Technical Specification of Airbus application case.
    • Technical Specification of Dow application case
    • Technical Specification of the GY application case
  • Presentation and Discussion of the MODA requirements for COMPOSELECTOR.
  • Open Discussion for the definition of the MODA and workflow templates
  • Open Discussion of the technical specifications and requirements of the model and data workflows
  • Presentation and discussion of the requirements and specification for MuPIF platform
  • Presentations on the Database and DMP: Discussions and input from partners
  • Definition of the Partners Contribution to the modelling workflow
  • Data Management Plan (Discussion and Inputs)
  • Wrap up