COMPOSELECTOR organised a training on MuPIF training at the University of Prague on the 27th and 28th of March 2017.  MuPIF is a Multi-Physics Integration Platform developed in the framework of a former European Project. MuPIF will be used in the context of COMPOSELECTOR project to facilitate the implementation of the multi-physics and multi-level simulations built from independently developped components. The main role of the platorm is to steer individual components (applications) and to provide high-level data exchange services. Each application should implement an interface that allows to steer application and execute data requests. The design supports vaious coupling strategies, decretization techniques, and also distributed applications. 

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Meeting Agenda

  •   Project Status: Deliverables and Running Tasks
  •   Project External Communication
  •   Project Management plan, Quality & Risk management plan
  •   Transport and Aerospace application cases: specifications and requirements
  •   Data Management Plan
  •   Technical specifications and requirements of the model and data workflows (Borek and all)
  •   Requirements and specification for MuPIF
  •   Software quality management report

MuPIF training session

  •   MuPIF – Introduction, design and installation
  •   MuPIF – Network communication (ssh, VPN) and simple examples
  •   MuPIF – Coupled/linked models and communication, outputs
  •   MuPIF – Writing APIs to external codes, steering scripts I
  •   MuPIF – Writing APIs to external codes, steering scripts II
  •   Wrap up: Emphasis on the specification and requirement of the study case.

Training Materials