Presentation made by Dr Carlos Kavka from ESTECO during the kick off meeting. 

The main goals of WP3 are:

  • To design and implement the BDSS business layer, based on standard notations for business processes and decision models.
  • To integrate the BDSS business layer with the interoperability layer (MuPIF) and databases.

To initially evaluate the BDSS abilities to enable business decisions.

Task 3.1: Identification of actors and requirements for the business layer 

Task 3.2: Identification of requirements for the interaction between the business layer and the interoperability layer (MuPIF) and database tools 

Task 3.3: Identification of requirements for enabling business decisions based on end user applications 

Task 3.4: Definition of the Business Decision Layer architecture 

Task 3.5: Implementation of the Business Decision Layer 

Task 3.6: Initial evaluation of the Business Decision Layer to enable business decisions