The mission of COMPOSELECTOR is to develop a Business Decision Support System (BDSS), which integrates materials modelling, business tools and databases into a single workflow to support the complex decision process involved in the selection and design of polymer-matrix composites (PMCs) by means of an open integration platform which enables interoperability and information management of materials models and data and connects a rich ‘materials modelling layer’ with industry standard business process models.

The integration of modelling and simulations techniques to support material selection process is more and more impelling in the materials science and industrial domains, due to the need of effectively designing and producing increasingly sophisticated materials, components and systems with advanced performance on a competitive time scale. In this perspective, for complex structural materials, such as PMCs, there is a particular need in industry for chemistry/physics-based materials models and modelling workflows that fulfil the following requirements:

  • Predicting relevant properties and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that capture the performance of materials, accounting for material internal microstructure and effects of processing,
  • Accuracy/validation of predicted data, and relevant management of uncertainty.


This implies the need for development and integration and of models to describe the behaviour of the class of materials at different scales as well as material-processing-property relationships. In parallel, high performance requires not only comprehensive material properties modelling but also understanding of risks, costs, and business opportunities for a range of decisions, from material selection to designing functional structural components and systems, and for process optimization.


Composelector Concept